Older Software

On this page is information about software I've wrote at one point or another, but no longer actively maintain. Most of it I no longer even use. All of it is licensed under an opern source license, so feel free to adopt it or use components in your own projects. If the current licenses are inconvenient, email me and I'll probably change it to something more useful to you.

The Bin

The Bin contains programs I've written for various pages, and want to put out for general use, but don't have the time or inclination to write documentation or a web page for. It's stuff that I find useful in my circumstances, and I hope that others will also find useful. (All of the READMEs for the programs in The Bin are available in one page here, so spiders can find them.)


This page contains patches that I've written to software created by others.


(Released) Ruri is a compiler for a programming language (also called ruri). The ruri language mirrors the feature sets of IJVM and IJVMA, and the compiler targets those assembly languages.

IJVM, IJVMA and Idbg

(Released) This is my page dedicated to the IJVM bytecode, it's associated assembly language, and Idbg, my IJVM debugger.


(Released) Ddiff is a program that generates diffs between Debian package files. There's also a companion tool, dpatch, included in the distribution that uses the generated diffs and the original package to create the new debian package.


(Released) Stubby is a tool that enables programmers and packagers to add transparent support for optional run-time dynamic linking of shared libraries. This allows for the creation of applications that can gain additional functionality if a library is present, but that does not fail to load if the library is not installed. (Unless a function in that library is called.)


(Released, Obsolete) The whois2 command recursively queries whois servers. This makes it simple to determine the complete information about domain ownership in today's shared registry system. It's obsolete, now that more full-featured whois clients can query the SRS.

Smeg and Sattool

(Released) Smeg and Sattool are programs that model and predict the motions of artificial satellites around the earth. They represent two versions of code I've developed to do this. I was never able to find a really good interface, but I've placed them up here in the hopes they'd be useful.

XDM-External Greeter

(Released, Obsolete) This is a patch to XDM that allows it to use an external program to prompt the user for his username and password. It also comes with an example greeter program that uses the GTK library.