Patches to Other Software

This page contains patches to other peoples software. This page is mostly an ego trip for me, but some of the useful bits haven't yet been integrated into the original packages. Anyway, I try to include a link to the package, as well as the integration status of each patch.


Kernel 2.4 Compatability Patch: This patch allows the linux-wlan driver (which supports the Prism 802.11 wireless ethernet chipset) to run under the 2.4 series of Linux kernels. (Accepted by the upstream maintainer.)


Strace Ioctl.defs Patch: This patch allows strace to read a file that contains commands to print structure arguments to ioctl. (Bounced back for improvements.)

Strace Ioctl.defs Patch 2: This is an improved version of the above patch. It error-checks memory allocation, handles errors and corruption a bit better, and includes a sample ioctl.defs file. (Sent upstream.)


Logo Patch: This code tells MBR to print out an logo identifing itself when it runs, making it obvious that it's in the boot sequence. (Mostly rewritten by Neil Turton, then integrated.)