Note: This page is really old, and hasn't been updated in several years. My new main page is at

Tom Rothamel's Home Page

I'm Tom Rothamel, and this is my web page. The main purpose of this page is to provide contact information for me. There used to be links to a number of other pages here, but I've removed most of them.


I can be contacted via email at tom at I also have many other email addresses that reach me.

Instant Messenger

I'm also available on many of the popular instant messenger networks. The screen names that I am usually logged in as are:

Modern Web Pages

The following are web pages that I maintain on a regular basis.

Older Web Pages

The following are older web pages. Many of them date back to when I was an undergraduate. While they all contain at least somewhat useful information, they haven't been updated in a while. The software here is unmaintained, but may still be useful.